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  1. how will
    • 2004, Morgan Robertson, Sinful Peck‎
      I'm as willing to save life as the next man, but I'm not going to wreck my ship fooling round a reef in the night-time. How'll you get a boat over, anyhow?
  2. (US, dialect, dated) will, how about (as a proposal)
    • 1863, Harper's Magazine‎
      "Well, mine ain't," said Beatrice; "I wish she was, that's all; I'd like to change with you; come, how'll you swap?"
    • 1916, James Whitcomb Riley, Hewitt Hanson Howland, The Hoosier Book: Containing Poems in Dialect
      So Smith took the bait, and says he, "Mr. Brown, I wouldn't sell out, but we might swap aroun' — How'll you trade your place fer mine?"