humanitarian intervention

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humanitarian intervention (plural humanitarian interventions)

  1. deployment of army personnel for humanitarian motivated goals.
    • 2004, Michael C. Davis (ed.); Tania Voon (chapter author), “Legitimacy and Lawfulness of Humanitarian Intervention”, in International intervention in the post-Cold War world, M. E. Sharpe, Inc., page 40:
      The events of 1999 in Kosovo and East Timor provide an important opportunity to reflect on the practice of humanitarian intervention.
    • 2010, Keith L. Shimko, International Relations: Perspectives and Controversies, Wadsworth Cengage, page 252:
      We may be in the middle of a process in which some fundamental ideas or norms about international politics are being transformed, and the increasing willingness to consider humanitarian intervention may be part of this evolution.
    • 2012, Ned Dobos, Insurrection and Intervention: The Two Faces of Sovereignty, Cambridge University Press, page 117:
      But in some respects humanitarian intervention looks more like police work than war.

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