hushed culture

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hushed culture (plural hushed cultures)

  1. A culture within which a widespread phenomenon is not usually spoken openly of.
    • 2011, Simone Barclay, Ryan Hayshi, “Education for Social Consciousness: Hip-Hop Pedagogy and Soka Education”, in SOKA Education Student Research Project:
      The use of language and the power of voice allowed previously hushed cultures to claim a space for themselves in which they could demand attention and fully express the details of their lives.
    • 2016 August 5, “Lady Antebellum Star Opens Up About Her Miscarriage”, in The Federalist[1]:
      Singer Hillary Scott's media tour following her new single “Thy Will” is evidence that the hushed culture about miscarriage is finally changing.
    • 2019 November, Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss, “Naming and shaming or 'speaking truth to power'? On the ambivalences of the Indian ‘list of sexual harassers in academia’ (LoSHA)”, in Ephemera, volume 19, number 3:
      LoSHA’s act of parrhesia then does not predominantly consist of successfully bringing down any of the names on LoSHA – its aim is not to attest to whether or not these names are ‘truthfully’ there, but lies rather in disclosing complicated and hushed cultures of sexual violence and the belittlement or objectification of women*, the conditions, which make their bodies accessible to men*, and whose complaints are turned into whispers or gossip, just as the perpetrators – unscathed – go on to gain international traction and profit from the accessibility to women’s bodies and minds.