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hypergamous +‎ -ly


hypergamously (comparative more hypergamously, superlative most hypergamously)

  1. In a hypergamous manner.
    • 2007, L. S. Vishwanath, "Female Infanticide, Property and the Colonial State", in Sex-Selective Abortion in India: Gender, Society and New Reproductive Technologies (eds. Tulsi Patel), Sage (2007), →ISBN, page 278:
      At the middle and lower levels of the status hierarchy among Kanbis and Rajputs, families faced a double financial burden of dowry payment for marrying their daughters hypergamously and bride price for marrying sons.
    • 2010, Patrick Smith, Somebody Else's Century: East and West in a Post-Western World, Pantheon Books (2010), →ISBN, page 179:
      Ravi had married hypergamously—he had married up—and Vimalesh hypogamously, down.
    • 2011, Jeannette Marie Mageo, Dreaming Culture: Meanings, Models, and Power in U.S. American Dreams, Palgrave Macmillan (2011), →ISBN, page 68:
      Kamil's parents disapprove of Marilyn because her family is poor and lower class. Like Cinderella, Marilyn wants to marry hypergamously.