ice-cream truck

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ice-cream truck (plural ice-cream trucks)

  1. Alternative form of ice cream truck.
    • 1994, Christopher Pike [pen name; Kevin Christopher McFadden], The Last Vampire 2: Black Blood, Pocket Books, →ISBN, page 125:
      The night I met the newborn vampires, I heard an ice-cream truck in the vicinity, its repetitive jingle playing loudly.
    • 2001 July, Kraig Kujawa, “Twisted Metal: Black”, in Electronic Gaming Monthly, number 14.07, page 68:
      One must wonder how gloomy a game can really be when you trash oversized ice-cream trucks and a gargantuan man holding two large tires.
    • 2006, Julianna Morris, The Hometown Hero Returns, Silhouette, →ISBN, page 118:
      The lazy drone of summer filled the air, including the sound of an ice-cream truck and the tune it played as it drove slowly through the neighborhood.