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ichthyo- +‎ toxicity


ichthyotoxicity (countable and uncountable, plural ichthyotoxicities)

  1. toxicity to fish
    • 1985 Claus Nielsen, ‎Gilbert Powell Larwood, "Bryozoa: Ordovician to Recent"
      Outcomes of antibacterial and antipredatory screening tests. Results for the ichthyotoxicity tests indicate the number of fish (out of three) killed within the 1.5 h exposure period, and the time of first mortality.
    • 1993, David H. Attaway, Marine Biotechnology Volume 1: Pharmaceutical and Bioactive Natural Products[1]:
      Ichthyotoxicity among respective pavoninins did not differ much, all being lethal to Japanese killifish at 5-10 ppm.
    • 2013 "Issues in Life Sciences—Botany and Plant Biology Research"
      Blooms of the marine microalga Fibrocapsa japonica (Raphidophyceae) are suggested to lead to the diminution of fish stocks, but the exact mechanism(s) involved in ichthyotoxicity is still unclear.

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