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From Late Latin illaudabilis.


illaudable (comparative more illaudable, superlative most illaudable)

  1. Not laudable; unpraiseworthy.
    • 1650, Thomas Browne, chapter V, in Pseudodoxia Epidemica: [], 2nd edition, London: [] A[braham] Miller, for Edw[ard] Dod and Nath[aniel] Ekins, [], OCLC 152706203, 1st book, pages 226-227:
      A custome there is in most parts of Europe, to adorn Aqueducts, spouts and Cisternes with Lions heads; which though no illaudable ornament, is an Egyptian continuation, who practised the same under a symbolicall illation.
    • 1753, Samuel Richardson, The History of Sir Charles Grandison, Dublin, Volume 6, Letter 27, p. 163,[1]
      And this generally, with the thoughtless, is the beginning and progress of that formidable invader, miscalled Love; a word very happily at hand, to help giddy creatures to talk with and look without confusion of face on, a man telling them a thousand lyes, and hopeing, perhaps by illaudable means, to attain an end not in itself illaudable, when duty and discretion are, the one the guide, the other the gentle restraint.
    • 1811, [Jane Austen], chapter 11, in Sense and Sensibility [], volume (please specify |volume=I to III), London: [] C[harles] Roworth, [], and published by T[homas] Egerton, [], OCLC 20599507:
      [] Marianne abhorred all concealment where no real disgrace could attend unreserve; and to aim at the restraint of sentiments which were not in themselves illaudable, appeared to her not merely an unnecessary effort, but a disgraceful subjection of reason to common-place and mistaken notions.