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From French imitable, from Latin imitābilis. See imitate


imitable (comparative more imitable, superlative most imitable)

  1. Capable of being imitated or copied.
    • 1705, Francis Atterbury, Sermon Preach'd in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul at the Funeral of Mr. Tho. Bennet:
      The characters of man placed in lower stations of life are more usefull, as being imitable by great numbers.
  2. Worthy of imitation.
    • 1616, Walter Raleigh, “Of fortune: and of the reason of some things that seem to be by fortune, and against reason and providence.”, in The History of the World, XV:
      otherwise how were it possible, that the most base men, and separate from all imitable qualities, could so often attain to honour and riches, but by such an observant slavish course ?


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imitable (plural imitables)

  1. imitable


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