in a family way

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Alternative forms[edit]

Prepositional phrase[edit]

in a family way

  1. (euphemistic) Pregnant.
    • 1855 Aug. 25, "Law Intelligence: Supreme Court—Special Term," New York Times, p. 8:
      She mentioned that she was in a family way and . . . stated that she needed all her money to pay the doctor's bills at the approaching deliverance.
    • 1947 Nov. 10, "Dear TIME-Reader," Time (retrieved 11 Aug. 2008):
      Her way of paying for these gift subscriptions was to choose one of her sows which was in a family way and, when the sow littered, to sell its offspring.
    • 2005 April 15, Carolyn See, "Squab and Squabbles" (book review of Mothers and Sons by Paul Hond), Washington Post, p. C03 (retrieved 11 Aug. 2008):
      Three pregnancies occur in this novel: Nina, Fran and Danielle all find themselves in a family way.



in a family way (not comparable)

  1. In the manner of members of a family.