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in charge (comparative more in charge, superlative most in charge)

  1. Having the responsibility of leading or overseeing.
    He left his daughter in charge of watching her younger sisters.
  2. Having the power of command or control.
    This internet browser puts you in charge of your personal settings.
  3. (dated) In the care, custody or command (of someone).
    The suspect was given in charge and taken to the police station.
    • 1835, Robert Smith, The Friend, page 33:
      I have myself seen the wife of a mohout give a baby in charge to an elephant, while she was on some business, and have been highly amused in observing the sagacity and care of the unwieldy nurse.
    • 1873, Pennsylvania. Dept. of Public Instruction, The Pennsylvania School Journal, page 34:
      The average number of children in charge is about 90. One hundred and fifty could be accommodated.
    • 1878, Wisconsin. Legislature. Joint Special Committee on the Revision of the Statutes, Report of the Joint Special Committee on the Revision of the Statutes, page 20:
      If the commitment be made on the petition of parents, guardian or persons having the child in charge, the judge may, in his discretion, require them to pay the whole or any part of the expense of his maintenance, according to their ability.
    • 1899, Joseph Conrad, “Heart of Darkness”, in Blackwood’s Magazine[2], volume 165, page 199:
      [] the steamer Fresleven commanded left also in a bad panic, in charge of the engineer, I believe.


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From English in charge or person in charge. Compare English incharge.



in charge

  1. (Hong Kong Cantonese) person in charge; manager; supervisor
    • 2018 May 28, “網傳港航乘客機上爆尿管流住血飛到三藩市 機組人員疑延誤求助”, in 香港01[3]:
      該留言又指,「因為有travel companion onboard 唔想架機divert」;「係兩位in charge嘅處理手法,置乘客安全為次要,6day SFO享樂為主要。」
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    • 2022 February 13, “見基層怕罰款闖檢測站 接待員呻心酸經歷 嘆時薪$70做到無停手”, in 香港01[4]:
      樓主續指,「其實我哋唔方便咁做,我咁做俾個in charge(負責人)見到會被鬧」,但他不忍心伯伯排隊後卻無法做檢測,決定多做一步幫助對方。
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