in extenso

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Borrowed from Latin in extenso.


in extenso (not comparable)

  1. At full length.
    • 1887, The Law Quarterly Review, p. 464.
      Mr. Brett does not follow the examples set by White and Tudor and Smith of printing his leading cases in extenso.
    • 1919, W. Somerset Maugham, The Moon and Sixpence, ch. 1
      There is a singular fascination in watching the eagerness with which the learned author ferrets out every circumstance which may throw discredit on his hero. [] Nothing has been too small to escape him, and you may be sure that if Charles Strickland left a laundry bill unpaid it will be given you in extenso, and if he forebore to return a borrowed half-crown no detail of the transaction will be omitted.
    • 1925, Tromsø Museums skrifter, Tromsø museum, p. 89.
      When read in extenso and without translation, the choice of words, style and sentiment of the letters reflect the influence on the writers []