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From in- +‎ bend.


inbend (third-person singular simple present inbends, present participle inbending, simple past and past participle inbended or inbent)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To bend or curve inwards; inflect.
    • 1981, W. Odling-Smee, Alan Crockard, Trauma care:
      In this case, the force is more generally applied over the skull causing the vault to inbend and fracture, while solid irregular struts such as the petrous bones will not fracture, [...]
    • 1991, Hans O. Doerr, Albert S. Carlin, Forensic neuropsychology:
      At impact the skull decelerates first and begins to inbend, creating a positive force meeting the positive force of the forward-moving brain at the site of impact.


inbend (plural inbends)

  1. That which is bent or curved inward.

Derived terms[edit]