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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English inbringen, from Old English inbringan (to bring in, bring to, present), equivalent to in- +‎ bring. Cognate with Scots inbring (to inbring, import), Dutch inbrengen (to bring in), German einbringen (to introduce, bring in), Swedish inbringa (to bring in, fetch).


inbring (third-person singular simple present inbrings, present participle inbringing, simple past and past participle inbrought)

  1. (transitive) To bring in; introduce; present; usher in; adduce; induce; cause to come in.
    • 1897, James Henry McConkey, The three-fold secret of the Holy Spirit:
      Jesus Christ does not so much impart life as He inbrings life.
  2. (transitive, Scotland, law) To bring in by legal authority; produce in court; confiscate (the goods of a condemned criminal).

Derived terms[edit]