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inclusive +‎ -ity


inclusivity (usually uncountable, plural inclusivities)

  1. Inclusiveness.
    • 2001, Jörg Andriof, Malcolm McIntosh, Perspectives on Corporate Citizenship, page 60
      Corporate citizenship is about employee and stakeholder inclusivity. Stakeholder inclusion requires a long-term, and continuous, relationship to be [...]
    • 2002, David Theo Goldberg, The Racial State, page 256
      Modern states have ordered and arranged their racial inclusivities on the necessity of racist exclusivities.
    • 2003, Ian S. Markham, A Theology of Engagement, page 133
      These are the terms on which Gandhi gives birth to Hindu inclusivity. It is worth pausing to distinguish Hindu inclusivity from Christian inclusivity.
    • 2002, Louis Rosenfeld, Peter Morville, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, page 66
      Within a single organization scheme, you will need to balance the tension between exclusivity and inclusivity.