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From Spanish incomunicado "incommunicado", with spelling influenced by that of such English words as communicate.


incommunicado (not comparable)

  1. In a state or condition in which one is unable or unwilling to communicate.
    • 2007, "Dreadful news awaits housemate", Times Online, London, 25 May (retrieved 29 June 2007),
      The father of a woman living in the incommunicado world of the Big Brother house in Australia has died but his daughter has not been told.



incommunicado (not comparable)

  1. In a manner in which communication with outsiders is not possible, for either voluntary or involuntary reasons, especially due to confinement or reclusiveness.
    • 2004, Ben Westhoff, "Making Traks," Riverfront Times, St. Louis MO, 7 Apr,
      The Starz seem most comfortable when they're in the studio, where they can work incommunicado.


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