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From incorrigible +‎ -ness.


incorrigibleness (uncountable)

  1. The quality of being incorrigible; incorrigibility.
    • 1854, Theodor Mommsen, The History of Rome (Volumes 1-5)[1]:
      (1) They had become sufficiently convinced of the incorrigibleness of the party in power: the fact that the governing lords had even in the last war neither forgotten their spite nor learned greater wisdom, was shown by the effrontery bordering on simplicity with which they now instituted proceedings against Hamilcar as the originator of the mercenary war, because he had without full powers from the government made promises of money to his Sicilian soldiers.
    • 1913, J. C. McFeeters, Sketches of the Covenanters[2]:
      On the one side she was attached to her king, notwithstanding his incorrigibleness; on the other, she was devoted to the principles involved, including the independence of the Church.