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From in- (without, not) + expedītus (unimpeded; familiar, easy; at hand, available).



inexpedītus (feminine inexpedīta, neuter inexpedītum); first/second declension

  1. Not free or unimpeded, impeded.
  2. Entangled, confused.
  3. Not ready or quick at anything, unavailable.
    • c. 303 AD, Arnobius of Sicca, Adversus Nationes, 7.43:
      Si enim rusticus senior inexpeditus in rebus obeundis […]
      For if the old rustic, not being quick in entering upon anything, […]
  4. Not easy or familiar, unfamiliar, difficult.
    • c. 303 AD, Arnobius of Sicca, Adversus Nationes, 5.36:
      nam quia cuncta quae scripta sunt inexpeditissimum vobis est traducere invertere derivare eligitis quaedam vestrae convenientia voluntati […]
      For because it is very difficult for you to transpose, reverse, and divert to other meanings all that has been said, you choose out some things which suit your purpose, […]


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative inexpedītus inexpedīta inexpedītum inexpedītī inexpedītae inexpedīta
genitive inexpedītī inexpedītae inexpedītī inexpedītōrum inexpedītārum inexpedītōrum
dative inexpedītō inexpedītō inexpedītīs
accusative inexpedītum inexpedītam inexpedītum inexpedītōs inexpedītās inexpedīta
ablative inexpedītō inexpedītā inexpedītō inexpedītīs
vocative inexpedīte inexpedīta inexpedītum inexpedītī inexpedītae inexpedīta

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