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info +‎ society


infosociety (countable and uncountable, plural infosocieties)

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  1. An information society.
    • 1995, Paris Arnopoulos, Sociopolitics: political development in postmodern societies:
      Moreover, we postulate, these relations become crucial in social systems of high information flow and content, that is infosocieties.
    • 2000, Ed Shane, Disconnected America: the consequences of mass media in a narcissistic world:
      Quite possibly because infotech and infosociety have made the future unappealing and created a reaction against the future...
    • 2001, Rosaria Conte, Chrysanthos Dellarocas, Social order in multiagent systems
      However, which lesson can be drawn from observation of natural societies and extended to infosocieties?