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Alternative forms[edit]


From iniūrius, from in- + iūs, iūris.



iniūria f (genitive iniūriae); first declension

  1. injury, wronging, offense, insult, wrong
  2. injustice, wrongdoing
  3. damage, harm, hurt, injury
  4. slander


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative iniūria iniūriae
Genitive iniūriae iniūriārum
Dative iniūriae iniūriīs
Accusative iniūriam iniūriās
Ablative iniūriā iniūriīs
Vocative iniūria iniūriae

Derived terms[edit]


  • English: injury
  • French: injure
  • Italian: ingiuria


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    • to be a victim of the malice of Fortune: ad iniurias fortunae expositum esse
    • to avenge an insult: iniurias persequi (Verr. 2. 3. 9)
    • to wrong a person: iniuriam inferre, facere alicui
    • to wrong a person: iniuria afficere aliquem
    • to provoke a person by a gratuitous insult: iniuria lacessere aliquem
    • to refrain from doing a wrong, an injustice: iniuria abstinere (Off. 3. 17. 72)
    • to be the victim of an injustice: iniuriam accipere
    • to suffer wrong: iniuriam ferre, pati
    • to repel an injury: iniurias defendere, repellere, propulsare
    • to leave a wrong unpunished, to ignore it: iniurias neglegere
    • to protect any one from wrong: ab iniuria aliquem defendere
    • to give some one satisfaction for an injury: satisfacere alicui pro (de) iniuriis
    • to proceed against some one with the utmost rigour of the law; to strain the law in one's favour: summo iure agere cum aliquo (cf. summum ius, summa iniuria)
    • and rightly too: neque immerito (iniuria)
    • and rightly too: neque id immerito (iniuria)
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