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  1. (South Africa) A fabulous animal that features in folk tales.
    • 1907, George McCall Theal, History and Ethnography of Africa South of the Zambesi: From the Settlement of the Portuguese at Sofala in September 1505 to the Conquest of the Cape Colony by the British in September 1795, Volume 1, page 143,
      In a short time, the coney fell asleep, when the inkalimeva (a fabulous animal) went in and ate all the fat.
    • 2006, Nongenile Masithathu Zenani, Ndumiso Bhotomane, South African Voices: A Long Time Passed, Volume 1, page 139,
      Various animals are tricked by a fabulous creature, an inkalimeva. They are meant to guard a pool created by the animals. With its musical instrument, an inkingi, a stringed instrument, it lulls the guards into a deep sleep, and then the inkalimeva drinks the water. Finally, a tortoise turns the tables on the inkalimeva.