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From inmate +‎ -hood.


inmatehood (uncountable)

  1. (rare) The state or condition of an inmate.
    • 1964, Daniel Jacob Levinson, ‎Eugene B. Gallagher, Patienthood in the mental hospital:
      Prisons and mental hospitals show certain fundamental similarities in organizational structure, in goals, and in the nature of "inmatehood."
    • 1967, American Journal of Mental Deficiency - Volume 71 - Page 646
      Conceptualizing "inmatehood" as involving a two-way "causal flow" between personality and social-system determinants reflects a transactional epistemology.
    • 2004, Marshall Needleman Armintor, Lacan and the Ghosts of Modernity:
      The picture that Schreber provides of his confinement is one of onesided confrontations, innuendos, and unimaginable torture, while to all outward appearances he was the model of docile inmatehood.