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inscription +‎ -ist


inscriptionist (plural inscriptionists)

  1. One who inscribes; a writer of inscriptions.
    • 1841, The Christian observer (page 369)
      The Egyptians were indeed indefatigable architects, sculptors, painters, hieroglyphists, and inscriptionists []
    • 1984, Bonnie Clearwater, Mark Rothko, works on paper
      Rothko more than any artist I have known succumbed to the lure of light, light that, as the Byzantine inscriptionist said, can be contained but never captured really []
    • 1994, Kathleen Henderson Staudt, At the turn of a civilization: David Jones and modern poetics (page 72)
      But it also reminds us from the beginning that words are the physical materials of this poet's work, as they are the materials for the inscriptionist.