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insofar (not comparable)

  1. To such a degree or extent.
    • 1861 May, Major-General Benjamin Franklin Butler, letter to Lieutenant General Winfield Scott, Fort Monroe: Headquarters Department of Virginia, Union Army:
      the fugitive-slave act did not affect a foreign country which Virginia claimed to be and that she must reckon it one of the infelicities of her position that in so far at least she was taken at her word
    • 1933, New York Supreme Court, page 9:
      Seventh: The defendant, its agents, servants and employees were negligent insofar that the trolley car was started while the plaintiff, Rose Goldman was in the act of alighting therefrom, and before she had reasonable opportunity to fully descend therefrom; insofar that the defendant, its agents, servants and employees did not take proper precaution and used reasonable care in starting the trolly car; insofar that no warning was given to the plaintiff, Rose Goldman, that the trolley car would start and by reason of the negligence of the defendant in other respects.
    • 1980, International Bar Association. Section on Business Law, International Bar Association. Conference, Codes of Conduct for Transnational Corporations, page 52:
      Although the respective articles of the EEC Treaty expressly provide that all provisions including competition rules have to be applied to public enterprises in the same way as to private enterprises experience of past 20 years shows that rather little has been done insofar.
  2. Insofar as.



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