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interfere +‎ -ant


interferant (plural interferants)

  1. A person applying for a patent that conflicts with an earlier one.
  2. (analytical chemistry) A compound in the sample that produces readings which overlap those of the analyte, making analysis more difficult.
    • 2006, Namik K. Aras & O. Yavuz Ataman, Trace Element Analysis of Food and Diet, →ISBN, page 49:
      In many cases, the absolute amount of the interferant is more effective to induce an observed interference than the interferant/analyte ratio.
    • 2010, Jiri Janata, Principles of Chemical Sensors, →ISBN, page 6:
      Equation (1.15) may be used to evaluate the selectivity coefficient for that interferant.
    • 2013, Acetanilides—Advances in Research and Application, →ISBN, page 86:
      In an aspect of the first embodiment, the auxiliary electrode is configured to electrochemically modify an electrochemical interferent to render the electrochemical interferent substantially electrochemically non-reactive at the working electrode.