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Alternative forms[edit]


From inter- +‎ ictal.


interictal (not comparable)

  1. (medicine) Between episodes, attacks, or paroxysms; as (usually, more specifically):
    1. (medicine) Between epileptic seizures.
      • 2009, François Manguière, Isabelle Merlet, Julien Jung, 66: Experimental Neurophysiological Techniques, Simon D. Shorvon, Emilio Perucca, Jerome Engel, Jr. (editors), The Treatment of Epilepsy, page 839,
        Considering these data, the spatial relationships between lesions and the localization of interictal spikes can vary and seem to depend on the lesion type.
      • 2012, José L. Fernández-Torre, 101: Interictal EEG, C. P. Panayiotopoulos, S.R. Benbadis, R.G. Beran, A.T. Berg, J. Engel, Jr., A.S. Galanopoulou (editors), Atlas of Epilepsies, Volume 3, page 701,
        The diagnosis of epilepsy is primarily clinical; however, routine interictal EEG plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and management of patients with this paroxysmal neurological disorder (Binnie and Stefan 1999; Pillai and Sperling 2006).
      • 2012, Daniel C. Potts, James D. Geyer, Paul R. Carney, Chapter 30: Sleep Disorders and Degenerative Neurologic Disorders, Paul R. Carney, Richard B. Berry, James D. Geyer (editors), Clinical Sleep Disorders, page 400,
        This sleep disruption may, in part, be related to the interictal discharge. The interictal discharge is the electrical signature typically associated with epilepsy between seizures.
      • 2012, Margitta Seeck, Donald L. Schomer, Ernst Nidermeyer, Chapter 33: Intercranial Monitoring: Depth, Subdural, and Foramen Ovale Electrodes, Donald L. Schomer, Fernando Lopes da Silva (editors), Niedermeyer's Electroencephalography, page 677,
        This may be the reason why most authorities in the field recommend relying mainly on the ictal data, and less on the interictal EEG.


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