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interjectural (not comparable)

  1. Interjectional.
    • 1775, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, The Rivals, Act II, Scene I, 1828, The Dramatic Works of R. B. Sheridan, Volume I, page 30,
      He started back two or three paces, rapt out a dozen interjectural oaths, and asked what the devil had brought you here?
    • 1873, Friedrich Max Müller, Lectures on Mr. Darwin's Philosophy of Language, from Fraser's Magazine, Volumes 7-8, reprinted in 1996, Roy Harris (editor), Origin Of Language, page 219,
      The Science of Language teaches us not only that there can be no concept without a word, but that every word of our language, (with the exception of purely interjectural and imitative words) is based on a concept.
    • 1969, Granville Stanley Hall, Adolescence, Volume 2, page 403,
      Students lapse to interjectural speech, gibberish, mimic any dialect, brogue, defect and affectation of speech.