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From Middle English intronizen, intronize, intronyce, intronyze, entronise, entronize, entronyce,[1] from Anglo-Norman and Middle French inthronizer, introniser, intronizer, enthronizer, entronizer, from Old French entronisier (modern French introniser (to induct; to introduce to)), or directly from its etymon Late Latin inthronizare, intronizāre, enthronizare (to enthrone), from Ancient Greek ἐνθρονίζειν (enthronízein, to enthrone), from έν- (én-, prefix meaning ‘in’) + θρόνος (thrónos, throne) + -ίζειν (-ízein, suffix forming verbs). The English word is cognate with Italian intronizzare (to enthrone), Portuguese entronizar (to enthrone), Spanish entronizar (to enthrone),[2] and can be analysed as in- +‎ throne +‎ -ize.



inthronize (third-person singular simple present inthronizes, present participle inthronizing, simple past and past participle inthronized)

  1. (obsolete) To enthrone.
    Synonyms: enthrone, inthrone
    Antonyms: dethrone, dethronize, disenthrone, disthrone, disthronize
    • 1618, Harim White, The Ready VVay to Trve Repentance: Or a Godly, and Learned Treatise, of the Repentance of Mary Magdalen: [], London: Printed at London by G. E. for T. B., OCLC 58040235, page 88:
      So then to conclude, though man bee Gods hand, and inſtrument, to inaugure, inthronize, and inueſt, yet is it God alone, that doth originally ordaine, inſtitute, and appoint.
    • 1623 August 17, James Howell, “XXI. To Sir James Crofts, from Madrid.”, in Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ. Familiar Letters Domestic and Forren. [], volume I, 3rd edition, London: Printed for Humphrey Mos[e]ley, [], published 1655, OCLC 84295516, section III, page 126:
      [T]hey cried out they muſt have a Muſulman Emperor; therefore they broke into a Dungeon, and brought out Muſtapha Oſman’s Unkle, whom he had clapt there at the beginning of the Tumult, and who had been King before, but was depos’d for his Simplicity, being a kind of Santon or holy Man, that is, ’twixt an Innocent and an Idiot: This Muſtapha they did re[-]inthronize and place in the Ottoman Empire.
    • 1635, anonymous [David Lindsay], “Instrument anent Patricke Bishop of Aberdene, His Admission to the Sayd Bishopricke”, in Funerals of a Right Reverend Father in God Patrick Forbes of Corse, Bishop of Aberdene. [], Aberdeen: Imprinted by Edward Raban, OCLC 82095480; reprinted in Charles Farquhar Shand, editor, The Funeral Sermons, Orations, Epitaphs, and other Pieces on the Death of the Right Rev. Patrick Forbes Bishop of Aberdeen. [], Edinburgh: Printed for the Spottiswoode Society, 1845, OCLC 60518156, page 215:
      The which day in presens of us Connotaries publick, and witnesses underwritten, compeared a Reverende Father of God, Patricke Bishop of Aberdene, and presented to us Connotaries underwritten, within the Cathedrall Church of Olde Aberdene, at the pulpit of the same, the act of his Lordship's consecration and admission to the Bishopricke of Aberdene; requyring and commanding the Arch-Deane of the said Cathedrall Church to induce and inthronize the sayd Patrick, by himselfe, or his procurators, sufficientlie appoynted to that effect, in the said Bishopricke, at what tyme it should please his Lordship to requyre the same.
    • 1725, Ralph Winwood; Edmund Sawyer, Memorials of Affairs of State in the Reigns of Q. Elizabeth and K. James I. [] In Three Volumes, volume I, London: Printed by W[illiam] B[owyer], for T. Ward, [], OCLC 642456081, page 271:
      I put it off all I can, becauſe I wold avoyde any further Jorney then to Paris, hoping that the King will now be thinking of his return thither to inthronize his new Queen; whereof I wold have been very glad to have underſtood ſome certainty from you, and do yet deſire to know as ſoon as may be, what is the King's purpoſe in it; that at my coming in Paris, I may be able to reſolve what to do.
    • 1825, James Balfour, James Haig, editor, The Historical Works of Sir James Balfour of Denmylne and Kinnaird, Knight and Baronet; [], volume IV, Edinburgh: Printed by W. Aitchison, OCLC 908833347, page 401:
      After wich [the] King ascendit the stage, attendit by diuers of the pryme officers and nobilitie, the queir singing, "Te Deum laudamus;" wich being endit, the Archbischope did inthronize the King, [...]

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