introitus vaginæ

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Alternative forms[edit]


Latin introitus vāgīnæ (entrence of [a/the] vagina)


homographic plural


introitus vaginæ (plural introitus vaginæ or introitus vaginarum)

  1. (anatomy) The entrance to the vagina.
    • 1909: Transactions of the Chicago Gynecological Society (W. Wood & Co.), page 56:
      A great many prostitutes can contract their introitus vaginæ at will, and you will find the action of a hypertrophied ring, constrictor cunni, around the outlet of the vagina, and in a great many prostitutes you will find prolapse, too.
    • 1978: Arnold J. Mandell, Coming of Middle Age: A Journey (Summit Books; ISBN 0671400088, ISBN 9780671400088), page 143:
      Your women get hysterectomies, their introitus vaginae tightened, and take estrogen to begin again. I don’t know what you men do.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The logical plural form of this Latinate phrase is introitus vaginarumintroitūs (entrances) vaginarum (of vaginæ) — and not introitus vaginæintroitūs (entrances) vaginæ (of a vagina), since a single vagina does not have multiple entrances (extraordinary cases notwithstanding).