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  1. (Ireland, colloquial, dated) An expression of surprise or emotion
    • 1838 Charles Dance, "The Irish Lion" in The Acting National Drama (Chapman & Hall) Volume 4, p.75:
      Be jakers, what are they hushing at—and staring at me as if I wor a Roschicrucian.
    • 1922 James Joyce, Ulysses Episode XII, "Cyclops":
      O jakers, Jenny, says Joe, how short your shirt is!
    • 2013 Nora Roberts, Irish Thoroughbred p. 25 (Little, Brown) [[[Special:BookSources/9781405523516|↑ISBN]]]
      "Jakers, but we worked." With a long breath she shut her eyes. "But it was too much for one woman and a half-grown girl [] "