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From halar. Compare English haul.



jalar (first-person singular present jalo, first-person singular preterite jalé, past participle jalado)

  1. (transitive) to pull
    Synonym: halar
  2. (transitive, familiar) to draw (in); to attract
    El circo jala a todos los hijos del pueblo. — "The circus draws all the town's children."
    Las dramatizaciones lo jalan. — "The plays appeal to him."
  3. (transitive, familiar) to eat with great appetite
  4. (intransitive) to pull (together)
  5. (intransitive, familiar) to hurry along; to get along
  6. (intransitive, Mexico, familiar) to function properly; to be in working order
  7. (Peru, transitive) to fail (an exam, a subject or an academic year at school or university)
    Asu mano', jalé tres cursos este ciclo, weón. — "Jeez man, I've failed three subjects this semester, bro"
    Ojalá no jale el examen de mañana. — "I hope I don't fail tomorrow's exam"