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janizary (plural janizaries)

  1. Alternative spelling of janissary.
    • 1737, J. A. Purves, “Vision II”, in The Law and Lawyers Laid Open, in Twelve Visions. To which is Added, Plain Truth, in Three Dialogues, between Truma, Skinall, Dryboots, Three Attorneys, and Season a Bencher, London: Printed for T. Woodman; and J. Chrichley, OCLC 833778836; republished Clark, N.J.: The Lawbook Exchange, 2006, →ISBN, page 38:
      Tom has his Eyes ſtill near a Cloſe, and was going on, when an unlucky horn'd Janizary, obſerving the Court ſomewhat uneaſy under their Indulgence, ran a Needle up to the Head in his moſt fleſhy Part, and made Tom wince, if not like a Mule, yet very much like his graver Sire that gave him his original Name.
    • 1744, Alexander Shiels [i.e., Alexander Shields], “Period VI. Containing the Testimony through the Continued Tract of the Present Deformation, from the Year 1660 to this Day.”, in A Hind Let Loose: Or, An Historical Representation of the Testimonies of the Church of Scotland, for the Interest of Christ; with the True State thereof in All Its Periods: [...], Edinburgh: Reprinted by R. Drummond and Company, and sold by William Gray bookbinder in the Grassmarket, and several others, &c., OCLC 723488025, pages 167–168:
      Here is a Proclamation for a Prince: that proclaims him in whoſe name it is emitted [James II of England], to be the greateſt Tyrant that ever lived in the world, and their Revolt who have diſowned him to be the juſteſt that ever was. For herein that Monſter of Prerogative is [] advanced [] to claim abſolute obedience, without reſerve of Conſcience, Religion, Honour, or Reaſon; not only that which ignorantly is called Paſſive, never to reſiſt him, not only on any Pretence, but for any Cauſe, even tho' he ſhould command his Popiſh Janizaries to murder and maſſacre all Proteſtants, which is the tender mercy and burning fervent charity of Papiſts; []