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From Genkem (itself from General Chemical), a brand of glue similarly sniffed as a drug in South Africa.


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jenkem (uncountable)

  1. A hallucinogenic inhalant made from fermented sewage.
    • 1999 July 30, Ishbel Matheson, “Children high on sewage”, in BBC News[1]:
      When they cannot afford glue or are too scared to steal petrol, these youngsters turn to Jenkem as a way of getting high.
    • 2005 September, Fuller, Alexandra, “We Just Want Enough”, in National Geographic[2], ISSN 0027-9358:
      The hotel garden shrieked with bird life, and there were crocodiles in the courtyard pond; the fountains on either end of Cairo Road blustered with fresh water, and the street children were mad-eyed (those who can afford it sniff glue or gasoline, and those who can't sniff jenkem, fermented human sewage kept in a plastic bag for a week or so until it gives off intoxicating fumes).
    • 2012 March 25, Less Money, Mo' Problems (American Dad!), season 8, episode 15:
      Billy: You want some Jenkem? It'll make you all better. Sure, it's a natural remedy! Huff on this!
      Stan: What's in it?
      Billy: My body waste, silly.
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