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jet-pack (plural jet-packs)

  1. Alternative spelling of jet pack


jet-pack (third-person singular simple present jet-packs, present participle jet-packing, simple past and past participle jet-packed)

  1. Alternative spelling of jetpack
    • 2000, Michael McBain, The Vast, Writers Club Press, →ISBN, page 164:
      He had “parked” the scout ship in orbit around the system’s outermost planet and jet-packed over to the larger vessel.
    • 2013, Mick Herron, Dead Lions, Soho Crime, →ISBN:
      “Yeah, and I jet-packed to work, before they fired me.”
    • 2014, Jeremiah Liend, The Book of Q,, →ISBN, page 110:
      Trump ordered the battle suits away and jet-packed to the floor.
    • 2018, Ronald Morgan, Quest for Continuance: Varuna, Gatekeeper Press, →ISBN:
      He jet-packed over to the hole.
    • 2018, Dustin Brady, Trapped in a Video Game, Andrews McMeel Publishing, →ISBN:
      In a single afternoon, we had jet-packed over every acre of rain forest, trekked across every beach, and even hiked up the volcano.
    • 2021, S. G. Wilson, “TheME Park”, in Me vs. the Multiverse: Enough About Me, New York, N.Y.: Random House Children’s Books, →ISBN, page 85:
      They raced through the loops and tunnels of a hover go-cart track, jet-packed over a volcano, suction-cup-climbed an office tower, and on and on, in an endless display of reckless fun.



  • (Brazil) IPA(key): /ˌʒɛ.t͡ʃiˈpɛ.ki/, /ˌʒɛt͡ʃˈpɛk/
    • (Southern Brazil) IPA(key): /ˌʒɛt͡ʃˈpɛk/, /ˌʒɛ.t͡ʃiˈpɛ.ki/


jet-pack m (plural jet-packs)

  1. Alternative spelling of jetpack