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Alternative forms[edit]


In the computing sense, originated from such a spam attack against Joe Doll in 1997.


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joe job (plural joe jobs)

  1. (idiomatic) An uninteresting, low-level, low-paying job.
    • 2007 Feb. 23, Chris Seibold, "February 23, 1973: Hitting the clock like a regular fella," (retrieved 25 May 2007):
      Steve Wozniak may be a well-heeled philanthropist and world-renowned tinkerer, but at one time he had a Joe job as an engineer in Hewlett-Packard's calculator division.
  2. (US, idiomatic, computing) An act of e-mail spamming where the sender's identity and address are those of an innocent third party, intended either to tarnish that person's reputation or to flood that person's e-mail with bounces.