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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Norse jǫtunn, from Proto-Germanic *etunaz ‎(giant).



jotun ‎(plural jotuns)

  1. (Norse mythology) A member of a race of giants who usually stand in opposition to the Æsir and especially to Thor.
    • 1831, Walter Savage Landor, “Gunlaug”, in Gebir, Count Julian: And Other Poems[1]:
      Some with disdain his reasons heard, / While others wisht the cause deferr'd. / Then Ormur spake, in speech of scorn, / Ormur, the friend of Asbiorn, / Who, daring singly to engage, / A jotun, proved his fatal rage.
    • 1908, The Elementary School Teacher[2], volume 8, page 214:
      When Christianity became the religion of the people the trolls gradually assumed something of the role formerly played by the more powerful Jotuns.
    • 2005, Ingri D'Aulaire, “Loki, the God of the Jotun Race”, in D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths[3], page 42:
      When Odin was still young — before he had hanged himself on Yggdrasil and drunk from the Well of Wisdom — his eyes had fallen on a jotun named Loki.