jump someone's bones

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jump someone's bones (third-person singular simple present jumps someone's bones, present participle jumping someone's bones, simple past and past participle jumped someone's bones)

  1. (idiomatic, slang) to have sex.
    • 1989, Clifton D. Bryant, Deviant Behavior[1], ISBN 089116779X, page 337:
      “He’ll jump my bones in bed,” one fat woman explained to us about her current lover, “but he won’t take me out in public. At least the sex is great!”
    • 2004, Emma Holly, Strange Attractions[2], ISBN 0425198219, page 265:
      His bruises from the fight did funny things to her womanly instincts. She couldn't decide whether to say “poor baby” or jump his bones.
    • 2007, Deborah MacGillivray, Riding the Thunder[3], ISBN 0505526921, page 153:
      “This night is going to be hard enough—no pun intended there—so I better back up before you jump my bones and I can’t fight you off.”
      “You arrogant ... Ooooh ... me jump your bones?” Asha fussed.