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A set of jumper cables
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jumper cable (plural jumper cables)

  1. (often pluralized) A pair of insulated electrical wires with alligator clips at each end used to jump-start a car with a dead (flat) battery.
    Synonyms: booster cable, starter cable, (UK) jump lead
    He kept a jumper cable in an emergency box in the car, as he had once been caught with a dead battery.
  2. (rail transport, road transport) An electrical cable providing a connection between rail or road vehicles.
    • 1962 March, Brian Haresnape, “Design in 1961—a Retrospect”, in Modern Railways, page 195:
      Complete absence of multiple-unit jumper cables (this class is not fitted for working in multiple) lends a neatness to this area not usually possible on British diesels.


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