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From Latin iuvenilia, neuter plural of iuvenilis “of or pertaining to youth.”


  • IPA(key): /ˈdʒuːvɪˈniːljə/


juvenilia juvenilia plural or collective singular

  1. (literature, plural only) Works produced during an artist's or author's youth.
    • 1693, John Dryden, A Discourse on the Origin and Progress of Satire [1]
      ...rhyme was not his [Milton's] talent; he had neither the ease of doing it, nor the graces of it: which is manifest in his "Juvenilia" or verses written in his youth, where his rhyme is always constrained and forced,...
    • 1996, Kathryn Lindskoog, Light in the Shadowlands [2]
      Lewis’s juvenilia is childlike, and the way it has been handled is childish.
    • 1997, Susan Anne Carlson, “Incest and Rage in Charlotte Brontë’s Novelettes,” in Creating Safe Space, Tomoko Kuribayashi and Julie Tharp edd. [3]
      Though there is a large body of criticism on Brontë’s novels, there are very few interpretations of the juvenilia, [...]
    • 2003, James Fenton, The Strength of Poetry [4]
      The last line, adapted from Coleridge, reminds us that we are never such kleptomaniacs as in our juvenilia.




  1. nominative neuter plural of juvenīlis
  2. accusative neuter plural of juvenīlis
  3. vocative neuter plural of juvenīlis