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A canoe
A kayak


From Spanish canoa through (Canadian) French canot and Swedish kanot.[1]



  1. canoe
  2. kayak

Usage notes[edit]

The Finnish word kanootti may refer both to kayak and canoe, or to other similar light boat. For the sake of clarity, eskimokanootti or kajakki may be used of a kayak and intiaanikanootti, inkkarikanootti, avokanootti and kanadalaiskanootti for a canoe.


Inflection of kanootti (Kotus type 5/risti, tt-t gradation)
nominative kanootti kanootit
genitive kanootin kanoottien
partitive kanoottia kanootteja
illative kanoottiin kanootteihin
singular plural
nominative kanootti kanootit
accusative nom. kanootti kanootit
gen. kanootin
genitive kanootin kanoottien
partitive kanoottia kanootteja
inessive kanootissa kanooteissa
elative kanootista kanooteista
illative kanoottiin kanootteihin
adessive kanootilla kanooteilla
ablative kanootilta kanooteilta
allative kanootille kanooteille
essive kanoottina kanootteina
translative kanootiksi kanooteiksi
instructive kanootein
abessive kanootitta kanooteitta
comitative kanootteineen


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