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From kid +‎ -ly.


kidly (comparative more kidly, superlative most kidly)

  1. Of, pertaining to, like, or resembling a kid or young child; kidlike; kiddy.
    • 1994, Quill & quire:
      Included along with kidly diversions for Labour Day and St. Patricks are activities for Christmas, Hannukah, and New [...]
    • 1996, John Betancourt, The Best of Weird tales:
      The Kid, "Knox," was allowed to have his kidly way with it.
    • 2010, Robyn Spizman, Evelyn Sacks, Eat, Nap, Play: How to Get Even More Out of Your Child's Day for Less:
      Head to your downstairs playroom or safe, supervised yard and let things take their kidly course.
    • 2010, Dan Morrison, The Black Nile:
      With a single roar they came to kidly life.
    • 2011, Steven S. Schneiderman, Otherwise Evilicious:
      He might have become ill from eating where he works. Could be that the help chokes down leftovers and burgers too old for public consumption.” “That sounds like an unnecessary risk for a fast food corporation.” “C'mon Louie, kids are kidly.