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In Lojbanized spelling.



klama (rafsi kla)

  1. (selbri) to come, go, travel; x1 comes/goes to destination x2 from origin x3 via route x4 using means/vehicle x5 [also travels, journeys, moves, leaves to ... from ...; x1 is a traveller; (x4 as a set includes points at least sufficient to constrain the route relevantly)]
  2. (sumti) goer, traveller, journeyer, comer

Usage notes[edit]

  • klama does not distinguish between coming and going.
  • When translating to English, choose between the two ("coming" or "going") based on the position of the destination relative to the speaker's position.
    • If the destination is away from the speaker, choose a form of "go"
    • If the destination is near the speaker, choose a form of "come"

Related terms[edit]