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koti (home) +‎ rauha (peace); calque of Swedish hemfrid, a right established in 13 th century by Birger Jarl of Sweden



  1. (law) A legal doctrine granting a person privacy in the premises that may be considered his home, including his house or apartment, other domestic buildings and vehicles; officially translated as "domestic privacy" into English. A tort against domestic privacy is called kotirauhan rikkominen, and it is translated as "invasion of domestic premises".
    Joka oikeudettomasti (1) tunkeutuu taikka menee salaa tai toista harhauttaen kotirauhan suojaamaan paikkaan taikka kätkeytyy tai jää sellaiseen paikkaan tai (2) rikkoo toisen kotirauhaa metelöimällä, heittämällä esineitä tai muulla vastaavalla tavalla, on tuomittava kotirauhan rikkomisesta sakkoon tai vankeuteen enintään kuudeksi kuukaudeksi. (Suomen rikoslaki, 24 luku, 1 pykälä)
    A person who unlawfully (1) enters domestic premises by force, stealth or deception, or hides or stays in such premises, or (2) disturbs the domestic privacy of another by making noise, throwing objects or in another comparable manner, shall be sentenced for invasion of domestic premises to a fine or to imprisonment for at most six months. (Criminal Code of Finland, Chapter 24, Section 1)

Usage notes[edit]

  • Unlike castle doctrine, domestic privacy does not justify use of violence against the intruder, unless it is necessary for self-defense.


Inflection of kotirauha (Kotus type 9/kala, no gradation)
nominative kotirauha kotirauhat
genitive kotirauhan kotirauhojen
partitive kotirauhaa kotirauhoja
illative kotirauhaan kotirauhoihin
singular plural
nominative kotirauha kotirauhat
accusative nom. kotirauha kotirauhat
gen. kotirauhan
genitive kotirauhan kotirauhojen
partitive kotirauhaa kotirauhoja
inessive kotirauhassa kotirauhoissa
elative kotirauhasta kotirauhoista
illative kotirauhaan kotirauhoihin
adessive kotirauhalla kotirauhoilla
ablative kotirauhalta kotirauhoilta
allative kotirauhalle kotirauhoille
essive kotirauhana kotirauhoina
translative kotirauhaksi kotirauhoiksi
instructive kotirauhoin
abessive kotirauhatta kotirauhoitta
comitative kotirauhoineen

Related terms[edit]