laid up

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laid up (not comparable)

  1. Unable to move about normally due to illness or injury, especially when confined to bed.
    • 1902, John Buchan, The Outgoing of the Tide
      For days Ailie had an absent eye and a sad face, and it so fell out that in all that time young Heriotside, who had scarce missed a day, was laid up with a broken arm and never came near her.
    • 2000, Arthur Michael Saltzman, This Mad "instead": Governing Metaphors in Contemporary American Fiction, →ISBN, p. 12,
      Flesh occasionally feels stalemated, more laid up than at home.
    • 2003, Walter Isaacson, "How They Chose These Words," Time, 7 Jul.,
      He was still laid up in bed with boils and gout when the committee first met.
  2. Stored at a dock or other place of safety.
    The ship was laid up until repairs could commence.


laid up

  1. simple past tense and past participle of lay up