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Alternative forms[edit]


  • probably from langer + -ed; possibly from languor (either via langer or separately)



langered (comparative more langered, superlative most langered)

  1. (slang, Ireland) extremely drunk
    • "He was at that awkward stage where oblivion was still three or four drinks away; he was definitely pissed, but not quite langered enough not to care."[1]
    • "Goes out for a few jars. Meets three young Irish Army fellaas on leave from the Lebanon. Gets langered. Wakes up in their flat next morning, in nothing but her knickers, awful hangover."[2]

Usage notes[edit]

  • Originally and mainly restricted to County Cork <small>Anecdotal evidence supports this: In the late 1960s while visiting in County Cork, some friends and I accidently let a bull out of his coral. Later that day I heard from one of the friends (a local) that the farmer sure was "langered" about his bull's escape.</small>



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