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  1. present participle of latrate
    • 1972: Max Wylie, 400 Miles from Harlem: Courts, Crime, and Correction, page 201
      With everything boiling over; with everyone rapping, yakking, or latrating, it would restore dignity to a number of America’s newspapers if the objectivity of their reporting would harden in direct proportion to the subjectivity of the story being reported.


latrating (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Of barking.
    1. literally
      • circa 1928: Charles Hall Grandgent, Prunes and Prism: With Other Odds and Ends, page 145
        I once saw a big dog plunging out furiously as a passing car, and, as I watched him, his gait looked peculiar. The reason for this eccentricity became clear when he returned from his latrating orgy: he had only three legs.
    2. figuratively
      • 1929: Charles Hall Grandgent, The New Word, page 90
        That seems to be, nowadays, the barker’s pet name for his latrating art.