leave someone cold

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leave someone cold (third-person singular simple present leaves someone cold, present participle leaving someone cold, simple past and past participle left someone cold)

  1. To fail to impress or make an emotional connection with someone.
    • 2013, Courtney Cole, If You Leave: The Beautifully Broken Series:, Hachette UK, →ISBN:
      So I tell her just a little, how an entire date with Ethan can leave me cold, but one single glance from Gabriel can set my blood on fire.
    • 2014, Cherry Adair, Ice Cold, Adair Digital, →ISBN:
      Interpersonal issues left her cold, but give her a computer and a problem to solve ? Pure heaven.
    • 2010, Robert Fox, We Were There: An Eyewitness History of the Twentieth Century, Profile Books, →ISBN, page 71:
      He is obviously uninterested and my attempt to talk a little about what I have read leaves him cold.