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legume +‎ -ine?


legumine (uncountable)

  1. (archaic) Synonym of casein
    • 1842, Robert Kane, Elements of Chemistry[1], page 951:
      It is the animo-vegetal principal which constitutes the mass of the cotelydon of the almond that induces the reaction; it has been called emulsine, and appears very similar in properties and constitution to the vegetable albumen or legumine, described as the active principle in the alcoholic fermentation (See p. 893).
    • 1845, Jean Baptiste Boussingault, Rural Economy, in Its Relation with Chemistry, Physics, and Meteorology[2]:
      Legumine, which plays an important part in the nutrition of animals, is obtained by digesting a quantity of pea or bean meal, or crushed peas or beans in tepid water for two or three hours; the pul is then pounded in a mortar, and afterwards mixed with its own weight of cold water; after one hour's maceration it is pressed through a cloth.
    • 1846, The Chemist, Or, Reporter of Chemical Discoveries and Improvements[3], volume 7:
      According to Rochleder, legumine and casein stand in close affinity to one another, and differ only in their respective reactions with acetic acid.





  1. ablative singular of legūmen