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From a shortening and alteration of les(bian) + the Australian diminutive suffix -o.



lezzo (plural lezzos)

  1. (Australia, slang) A lesbian.
    • 1984, Barry Dickins, The Crookes of Epping, Pascoe Publishing, →ISBN, page 26,
      She was also a lezzo.
    • 1986, Angelo Loukakis, Vernacular Dreams, University of Queensland, →ISBN, page 136,
      There is too many hippies and lezzos riding around on bikes these days already.
    • a1997, from The Picture, quoted in Jill Julius Matthews, Sex in Public: Australian Sexual Cultures, Allen & Unwin (1997), →ISBN, page 4,
      Wot's going down? Hot lezzo love-ins, that's wot . . . The Bisexual revolution has begun. "Lesbian chic" is born—and I can't tell you what GOOD NEWS this is for us.
    • 2006, Craig Price, Birth of the Ecowarriors, Lulu Press, Inc., →ISBN, page 68,
      "Piss off Greek girl," he bluffed. "Go find your lezzo friend."


  • Sue Butler and Denise Angelo, Australian Phrasebook, Lonely Planet (1998), →ISBN, page 37.



lezzo m (plural lezzi)

  1. stink, stench