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From Latin liber (book) + Latin cubiculum (bedroom), from cubō (lie down).


librocubicularist (plural librocubicularists)

  1. (rare) A person who reads in bed.
    • 1919, Christopher Morley, The Haunted Bookshop[1], New York, N.Y.: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, OCLC 57198313, page 190:
      "Miss Chapman, you take the book up with you and read it in bed if you want to. Are you a librocubicularist?"
      Titania looked a little scandalized.
      "It's all right, my dear," said Helen. "He only means are you fond of reading in bed. I've been waiting to hear him work that word into the conversation. He made it up, and he's immensely proud if it."
    • 1938, Chicago Dental Society, Bulletin (volume 19, page 28)
      But to let you in on a little secret, Todd Dewel is a librocubicularist.
    • 1952, Hospital Book Guide (volumes 13-14, page 85)
      We can enjoy our journeys much more if we are librocubicularists and know the joys of reading in bed.


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