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Alternative forms[edit]


From life +‎ line.



lifeline (plural lifelines)

  1. A line to which a drowning or falling victim may cling.
  2. (by extension) A source of salvation in a crisis.
    • 2012, Melissa Rycroft, My Reality, Simon and Schuster (→ISBN)
      The girls, of course, were my lifeline during this time.
    • 2012, Aaron Dixon, My People Are Rising, Haymarket Books (→ISBN), page 64:
      Slowly I began to fill up some of the emptiness inside—writing had become my lifeline.
  3. A means or route for transporting indispensable supplies.
    • 2012, Daniel F. Harrington, Berlin on the Brink, University Press of Kentucky (→ISBN), page 9:
      Planners did not see the access routes as west Berlin's sole lifeline, which now seems instinctive to us.
  4. (engineering) System or structure of vital importance to a community.
  5. (nautical) On the deck of a boat, a line to which one can attach oneself to stay aboard on rough seas.
    Synonym: jackstay
  6. (diving) A line from the diver to a tender at the surface control point.
    Synonym: tether
  7. (palmistry) A particular crease in the palm.
    Synonym: line of life


  • Japanese: ライフライン (raifurain)


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